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Week 9: Weather Looks to Hold Off Again

There are no weather related risks forecasted for NFL Week 9. All games are currently in the green, and as a result, all systems are a go with your potential fantasy lineups. There are three possible locations we will continue to monitor for weather, but currently there is a low probability of weather related impacts at this time.

The three games we will continue to monitor include the following:

Miami Dolphins @ Chicago Bears: Marginal wind is possible with sustained winds around 15 mph and gusts 20-25 mph. However, the winds are not forecasted to be severe enough to be impactful.

Minnesota Vikings @ Washington Commanders: There will be isolated rain showers around the Washington DC region on Sunday, but there is a low probability of rain occurring during game time.

Las Vegas Raiders @ Jacksonville Jaguars: Convection has a chance to initiate some thunderstorms over portions of Florida during the afternoon on Sunday. We are not forecasting Jacksonville to be impacted, but will continue to monitor.

Forecast Summary:

The strong area of low pressure that brought rain and wind to the Chicago region on Saturday is forecasted to push north and east on Sunday. Winds will still be elevated on Sunday over Chicago, but are not forecasted to be significant enough to be impactful.

The frontal boundary associated with this system will extend across the east coast and stall on Sunday. This will bring scattered rain and possible thunderstorms to the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern US. Additionally, the warm and humid air mass associated with this system has the potential to bring rain and thunderstorm risk to portions of Florida on Sunday. As of now, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay are forecasted to be spared, but updates will be provided if the forecast changes.

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