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Professional meteorologist with a passion for fantasy football

The Fantasy Football Weather Guys are here to provide a weather edge on professional and collegiate sports. We are starting our journey with Fantasy Football and understand how weather can impact NFL games. We are working towards delivering an operational solution for you to make those hard DFS and home league fantasy decisions for potential impactful weather events each week.
Mike Ventrice

Mike is a native from Long Island NY, though lives in Boston, MA now. That's right... he's a big NY Jets fan living in enemy territory! He received a B.S. in Meteorology with Sean from the University at Albany (New York). He later receive his Ph.D. in tropical meteorology from UAlbany. He's most know for his time spent working at the Weather Company, an IBM Business but has recently moved to an investment trading firm on Wallstreet. He has been playing fantasy football over a decade, studying draft strategy and risk assessment of weekly performances. He's a dedicated listener of ESPN's Fantasy Football Focus Podcast, the Fantasy Footballers Podcast, and the Fantasy Pros Podcast. In his free time, Mike enjoys fishing the coastal regions of MA and plays a ton of softball in the Boston rec-leagues. He's also an affiliate on Twitch where he streams Warzone. You can follow him on twitter and twitch @MJVentrice.

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Sean Bratton

Sean grew up in Connecticut and currently lives in Chicago, IL. He bleeds NY Giants Blue! He will also occasionally watch DA BEARS....since you kind of have to living in Chicago. Sean grew up watching the G-Men, and has been playing fantasy football for over a decade. He received his B.S. in Meteorology from the University at Albany and later received his M.S. in Marine and Atmospheric Science from Stony Brook University in New York. Sean teaches meteorology and physics at the high school and college levels. Sean and the FFWG are now teaming up to combine their weather and fantasy football skills to provide in-depth analysis on how weather can influence those pesky start/sit decisions. While not studying up on fantasy football, you can find Sean enjoying the craft beer scene and grilling on his Weber. He's active, and likes to be outdoors and participates in flag football and softball rec-leagues in Chicago. You can follow him on twitter @SeanDBratton.

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Collin  Gulczynski 

Collin grew up in the beautiful Finger lakes region of New York State, but now calls Albany NY home.  He attended the University at Albany with Mike and Sean; however, he received a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy and a Master's in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Finance and Budgeting.  So what brings him here to the FFWG's team...Well when he is not managing health care spending for the great State of New York he is the long standing commissioner of FFWG's league.  Celebrating their 13th season together Collin brings a plethora of experience of handling fantasy football disputes as well as 3 championships under his belt. Additionally over the years he has managed his league with integrity and has a knack for moderating disputes and the differing opinions of Sean and Mike.  Collin's role will be logistics and hosting the weekly weather discussion.  Collin is an avid craft beer, whiskey, and car enthusiast. You can follow him on twitter @CPGulczynski.

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Nick Schiraldi

Nick joined the FFWGs in 2020, and is the director of Research and Operations. Nick holds a PhD in Atmospheric Science from the University at Albany. He has worked for investment firm Citadel LLC, the University at Albany's Super Computer Team, and now works for an investment firm on Wallstreet.

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