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Week 6: Another Quiet Week

There are no forecasted risks this week associated with weather impacts. All games are in the green, and as a result, all systems are a go with your potential fantasy lineups for NFL week 6. Green Bay may receive a brief rain shower during the game with isolated gusts possible, but these conditions will be short lived, if at all, and will not impact conditions for players.

Forecast Summary:

Since almost all games are located on the eastern half of the country this week, an area of high pressure off the southeastern coast will help provide fair weather conditions for almost all games. There is an area of stronger baroclinicity (pressure gradient) associated with a low pressure center to the north which is forecasted to push cooler air and precipitation into northern Minnesota and Wisconsin on Sunday. As a result, Green Bay may the recipient of a brief rain shower and/or gust of wind, but this is not showing up on our radar (pun intended) as being impactful due to this event being weak, brief, and of overall low probability of occurring. #inthegreen for all games this week.

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