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Week 15: Fantasy Playoff Weather and Player Impacts

Well, that was uneventful…

We have another stagnant pattern in place this week as we head into the fantasy playoff season. We understand that there are critical decisions that need to be made as teams are fighting to stay alive in the playoff race. Luckily, those decisions have been made a bit easier as weather does not look to be a factor again this week. The only potential threat we are monitoring at this time is for the Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars game Sunday afternoon.

​​What's the forecast looking like for this weekend? Good news is you can check the weather forecast each and every day via our Weather Impact Table. When you see a Green box around a game, it means no significant weather impact risk. Orange boxes will require more investigation as there is a risk for some type of weather-impact (like a storm WATCH). A Red box means significant weather-impacts are imminent (like a storm WARNING). This week we have almost all Green. The only exception is for the Texans/Jags game that is a borderline Orange due to a line of storms that could bring abbreviated periods of rain.

Forecast Summary:

A large area of high pressure extending Northeast to Southwest across America’s heartland and into the intermountain west, will leave a majority of the US interior warm, dry, and calm for football Sunday this week. Elevated winds over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states could make for some marginal wind risks, but nothing worth noting at this time.

As mentioned above, the Texans at Jaguars is the only noteworthy game at this time as indicated by our weather table showing a “Caution”. There will be a chance of rain due to a lingering cold front sparking a line of storms that is projected to move through the Jacksonville area on Sunday. We are expecting periods of rain as a result of this synoptic feature, but the rain is not forecasted to be persistent enough to flag this game as being significantly impactful. With this being said, we will continue to monitor this game up until kick-off.

Player Impacts:

Deploy your fantasy lineups without any concern for adverse weather this week. Follow us on twitter @FFWeatherGuys and twitch ( for future weather reports and expected weather impacts each and every week during the NFL season.

Good luck in your week 1 playoff matchups!

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