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Week 13: A Quiet Start to December

There are no weather concerns for the NFL Week 13 matchups. The only areas that will be monitored for minor risks are the Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins @ San Francisco 49ers.

Forecast Summary:

A strong-ish pressure gradient will set up over the middle part of the country as a large high pressure system builds into the eastern half of the country. This, along with an area of low pressure developing over the northern Rockies will create some windy conditions over the Midwest. We are expecting winds in the 15 mph range for Chicago this upcoming Sunday, but with limited risk of gusts, and winds already borderline, we do no expect impactful conditions at this time.

Similarly, off the California coast, a developing area of low pressure will push some rain showers over the Bay Area on Sunday. We expect the rain risk to diminish by game time, but it is possible that a shower or two pops up during game time. No impacts are expected at this time.

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