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NFL Week 14 Weather Report: Under Pressure

Happy NFL Week 14, folks. We're getting to that point in the season where every single week is make or break for your fantasy squad. If you're an avid fantasy player like us, you're going to be looking for any and all information that can provide edge in deriving your lineup for your redraft or daily fantasy sports [DFS] league.

The basis of the Fantasy Football Weather Guys is to understand the underlying correlations between football player production and weather. We don't see meaningful weather around the NFL every week, but when there is a significant event (perfect example was last week's New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills with 30mph sustained winds... where Mac Jones threw a total of just THREE passes!) is where there becomes edge in playing the weather angle.

What's the forecast looking like for this weekend? Good news is you can check the weather forecast each and every day via our Weather Impact Table. When you see a Green box around a game, it means no significant weather impact risk. Orange boxes will require more investigation as there is a risk for some type of weather-impact, where Red boxes mean significant weather-impacts are possible. This week: All Green. The one 'weather' risk game we are monitoring is the Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs, where 15mph winds are predicted by the National Weather Service. These are not strong enough winds to flag this game as a weather risk game.

The underlying weather pattern responsible for the quiet weather week is high (1025mb) atmospheric pressure building in across the southeastern and mid-Atlantic states. Note how all the home games (circle on the map below with an "X" in it) are shading green during tomorrow afternoon. This mean's fair conditions are expected across the league and we are not expecting any significant weather impacts.

Summary: Deploy your fantasy lineups without any concern for adverse weather this week. Follow us on twitter @FFWeatherGuys and twitch ( for future weather reports and expected weather impacts each and every week during the NFL season.

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